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It’s been a busy week, and I have news. Soon, I will officially be joining the ranks of the Legal High Network. It’s a little sparse over there right now, but I’m going to be remedying that soon enough.

The idea of the Legal High Network is, to me, a great one. Those of us who enjoy highs of both the legal and the illegal sort have to stick together, and having a place where we can trust that we’re among friends, and trust the information we’re getting, be it reviews or suggestions or warnings or what have you. That, and it’ll be convenient to have one singular place to pop over to without having to go hunting all over the web. We have a few exciting people on board and grand plans for the future, including a possible store front.

The other practical upshoot is that I’m going to be migrating off of WordPress and on to my own servers. You won’t, or at least shouldn’t, notice any down time or changes, but I’ll keep you posted none the less, and you will be able to keep up on reviews and discussions about all our favorite pastimes.

Speaking of.

It’s kind of interesting, having to hide something so innocuous and harmless as an affinity for highs of various natures. A friend of mine, SWIM if you will, had this conversation with me the other day. You see, SWIM has the enviable job of being a clerk, part time,  in a medical marijuana dispensary. Obviously, he is a patient as well, and it seems like a great gig. He gets to walk into a store and get an employee discount on primo weed. He was quick, however, to explain the other less enjoyable side of his particular good fortune. He looked at me and said, frankly, “This must be what it feels like to be gay.”

Now understand that he wasn’t being flippant when he said that. After all, it’s not like anyone has ever been tied to a fence and beaten to death over liking to get stoned. What he is talking about is that feeling as though you have to hide something about yourself that is, for some people, an important part of who they are. Consider, then, the stigma attached to, in this case, smoking pot. You get labeled a stoner, a high on, a pot head, and all of a sudden people are making all kind of assumptions about you and assuming they know all about you simply because they learned a fact they consider to be all encompassing, wholly defining. Simply put, you wind up judged quickly and unfairly and there is little you can do to ever change that opinion.

“Now take that,” he said, “and ask yourself how your family and close friends would react. Sure, you tend to think they would be cool with it. I mean, they like you already, right? But really think about it. Would your mother be cool with it? Your siblings? The folks at your church or your bridge club or whatever?”

And he’s right. You would like to trust that we know how our closest friends and family would react to choices we make, but at the end of the day there are some choices that people can’t wrap their head around. He told me a story about one of the patients who came into the store who had all but been shut out of his church when he admitted he used medical marijuana to help cope with his cancer treatments. All of these “Christians”, who had been helpful and supportive up until that point, wouldn’t even talk to him or acknowledge him unless absolutely necessary. When he found out that the few people who write most of the big checks to the church (many of whom take a daily cocktail of Xannex, Prozac, and a host of other strong psychoactive drugs) had been pressuring the other members to give the cold shoulder to “that dirty hippy”, he obliged and is looking for spiritual salvation elsewhere. Fair? Not at all. But a fact of life.

“Some days,” he said, “you feel like a criminal just for being who you are.”


The Shape of Things To Come

It’s been 30 days or so since the supposed ban was announced. Round about now it should be hitting. Strangely, there seems to be little information about what is actually happening. The DEA website doesn’t have any news other then a few several month old “alerts”, and there has been nothing new on any of the news outlets that I’ve seen. Instead, the Obama administration has announced a crack down on medical marijuana industry in California, something they have until today explicitly said they would not do. Perhaps they’re trying to send a message to all those people protesting in New York, or maybe someone needed a quick PR boost. At any rate, no one seems to be saying anything about this DEA bath salt ban. That doesn’t mean it ISN’T happening, simply that no one is talking. After all, when has any government agency, especially one that is little more then an extortion happy brute squad, ever been keen on keeping the public it lords control over educated about it’s policies. I mean, what better way to catch you doing something wrong then by not telling you it’s wrong.

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Humble Beginnings

Better living through chemistry. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard kicked around in various venues. One of the more interesting venues is this phenomenon of what sensationalist news outlets call ‘designer drugs’. The industry calls them everything from ‘tobacco alternatives’ to ‘plant food’ to ‘collectables’. Rational people like me with IQ’s larger then our shoe size tend to refer to them as ‘legal highs’. Why? Because that is exactly what they are.

Why do these products even exist? Simple, because people are stupid. The out of touch type of government that we have here in the US (who am I kidding, most of the rest of the world is like this too) likes to substitute legislation for personal responsibility, preferring to outlaw stuff rather than understand and try to deal with it. No where is this more easily seen then this silly and failed war on drugs. With the vehement witch hunt the feds like to send after poor simple pot smokers, not to mention other users of various substances, it is no surprise that people are looking for legal alternatives that aren’t going to get them fired or locked up.

That’s where a lot of these legal high sites come in. Many of them sell blends of various herbs, oils, and synthetic products meant to replicate the effects of nearly every intoxicant you can imagine. How overt the individual sites are with their products is up to them. Some are up front about the fact that they expect you to “put this in your pipe and smoke it”, so to speak. Others are hesitant to refer to their products as anything but incense or a novelty collectables. I’m honestly not all that interested in the nuances of the culture, though. I’m not even really that interested in what the products do, at least not in reviewing them anyway. There are plenty of sites that can provide you with such information (between you and me, I always preferred to explore the actual products on my own, unbiased by reviews).

What I’m interested in is how these sites handle their business. Are they responsive? Is their shipping any good? Are their prices competitive? Are they professional looking and trustworthy? What do their customers have to say about them? After all, reviews about a product are a moot point if the company never ships you your product, am I right? Before I talk about how I’m going to try and do this, I thought I might tell you more about why I’m doing this.

First and foremost, I’ve been burned. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a lot of these online legal high companies tend to be pretty sketchy. While some of them are just poorly run, a lot of them, like the one I intend to review first, might as well be out and out scams. They say a fool and his money are soon parted, but if the resources aren’t available to determine if you’re doing something foolish, how is one to know? One may say that it’s foolish to buy these products at all, which brings me to my second point.

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