Wicked Herbals Review – Hmmm


Either this provider is on the newer side or it completely slipped under my radar.  In fact, I only heard about this site while lurking on the Legal High Network Forum.  After several mentions, I jumped over to Wicked Herbals to take a look and was decently impressed with what I saw.  The site isn’t incredibly elaborate but it is well laid out and doesn’t resemble the hack jobs that so many sites consist of.  Either someone in-house has a working knowledge of website construction or they threw someone a couple of bucks to build a professional looking website.  Either way, my eyes say thank you.  

Furthur exploration shows that they’ve actually put the time and effort into providing prospective customers with information that they actually need.  There’s a decently informative FAQ that covered many of the questions I would personally have before placing an order.  Particularly impressive was the section of the site that contains lab reports for their products.  Very few companies seem to offer such transparency when it comes to lab reports.  In fact, Super Fun Cave is the only other provider that I can recall posting their lab reports.  For those of us who consider legality a primary concern, it’s a refreshing change from the usual shadiness we’ve all come to expect in this industry.

Another interesting feature on this site in their Wicked Rewards Points Program.  It functions much like any customer rewards program where registered customers receive points for their purchases that can be applied for discounts on future purchases.  They also give points for referring customers to their site.  Most of the legal high aficionados I know tend to find a provider that they like and stick with that company until either the service or the products prove to be unreliable or the man shows up and shuts down the fun.  When customers are loyal, they should be rewarded.  Hopefully more companies will begin programs like these.  Rewarding customer loyalty is always a good idea.

While there are plenty of pros, there are a few cons with this site.  Firstly, the selection is a bit limited although, to be fair, if these guys stick around that will surely change.  What they do have is a selection that includes several well-known brands as well as at least one product that is allegedly in-house.  Their prices are also competitive.

Then there’s the shipping which is frankly confusing.  One place on the site seems to imply that First Class shipping is free for all orders but the main shipping page seems to imply that free shipping is only for orders over $500.  Which is it?  Then the shipping page says “shipping costs start at $5.00 and will depend on the size of the package.”  Does this mean you have to order without knowing your final shipping charge?  They need to clean up this info on the site and make it a little easier to understand.

Lastly, there’s the payment.  I went through and set up a test order to see how they process payment.  Sure enough, on the payment screen they ask for the CCID number.  Likely this means that they don’t have a dedicated payment platform.  While this doesn’t mean that they are storing CC info, it is a red flag in my book and if you’re particularly cautious about your financial info like I am, it is something to consider.

While I’m definitely going to have to keep an eye on this provider, there are already more positives than negatives and this site is definitely worth taking a look at.


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I'm a 20-something journalist appalled by the silliness of our country and it's laws. We persecute people for plants. So, ever the fan of better living through chemistry, I'm starting this blog so that my peers, friends, and the general internet can find reliable alternatives.

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  1. Boo boo kitty

    Well I recently posted about Wicked on Legal High Network. I find the confusion on the shipping costs to be frustrating. I want to know what the shipping fees are BEFORE I order. I did send Wicked an email,asking for an explanation,and no one has responded. Needless to say,this has soured against them,and I will not be ordering from them. Its too bad,because they have a couple products I would like to try. But if a vendor cannot respond to a basic email,that sends up a red flag in my book.

  2. have ordered from them 3 times now. Shipping was extremely fast. It is free for regular USPS. My 1st order was 1000 mg of Amped for $35, I got 175 reward pts which gives me $8.75 off my next order. Anyhow don’t wanna go on and on but so far this site is awesome and they have sales buy 2 get 3rd half off, with the free shipping they have been the cheapest I have found. I have tried Magic blends and was burned. Got bunk 8 ballz, and crazy. train, pd for overnight shipping and didn’t get the package for 2 wks. Called and emailed their customer service sevaral times and got the run around. So for me I will be a loyal wicked herbal customer until they mess up, so cross fingers.

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