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mad scientistThere is a distinct division in the legal high community. On the one side of the fence we have people, a majority I’d say, who are perfectly content to purchase products like Zombie Matter or Flight 300, prepackaged little goodies with an experience ready to go. They take what I would call a fast food approach. I don’t know what’s in my enchirito. I don’t really want to know. What I do know is that it tastes good. I’m content at that.

For some, however, it’s not so simple. There are a small subset of people who, for whatever reason, dare to brave the alphabet soup of the reasearch chemical market, ordering baggies of things with names like 6-APB and N-adamantyl-1-fluoropentylindole-3-carboxamide (STS135) for short. It’s a daunting undertaking fraught with danger, requiring tons of reading, a healthy helping of patience, and a whole world of restraint. For those who feel up to the challenge, however, sites like Buzz Wholesale will let you take your shot.

One must be careful when treading into this venue of the legal high market, as it is very possible to get yourself into some very serious health trouble if you don’t know what you are doing. Be prepared to do a lot of reading and ready to plunk down a few hundred bucks at a go. Places like Blue Light and Erowid are great places to start. And remember, less is always more.

At first blush, Buzz Wholesale seems to be a little fly by night. Their website is a little bit antiquated, as far as the design is concerned, and the general sense of polish we get from more brand oriented endeavors like Code Black and Super Fun Cave is missing. That being said, however, the layout is still quite navigable, and it’s relatively easy for you to find what you’re looking for…assuming you even know at all. For those who aren’t quite down with the alphabet soup or need a good place to start, there are a small selection of blends and mixes ready to go. They have names like Bloom, Bliss, Pulse and Tribe, and chances are you’ve seen at least one or two of them floating around on various sites here and there. This is provided basically to have a) something for everyone and b) a place for people to start. While the exact formulations are a guess, the various comments and forums and resources available will be somewhat illuminating as to what sort of compounds you’re messing with. Once you know that, then you can really dive in.

If you don't know how to read this, Buzz is not for you.

Past the blends, salts, and pills selections of the menu, we find a little link called “Chems”, and clicking on this will bring you to a chemist’s wet dream. You are treated to pictures of molecular structure, compound constituants, mole weight, and everything the budding mad scientist would need to know to create psychoactive miracles in his own kitchen. But, as I said, even the briefest glance at  this storefront should daunt even the most daring. I wonder, would the uneducated choose (±)-1-(4-methylphenyl)- 2-(benzylamino)propan-1-one or 1-[(N-methylpiperidin-2-yl)methyl]-3-(2-iodobenzoyl)indole if given the choice.

Honestly, it’s not quite THAT bad. Many of the products are mostly upfront with their contents and what they’re intended to analogue. Take the listing for the otherwise confusingly named 1-pentyl-3-(adamant-1-oyl)indole  (C24H31NO or AB-001 for short). The description, while only slightly less arcane, gives you a better idea of what exactly you’re looking at:

This research chemical is a popular ingredient to different synthetic smoking blends. First time it was used as a supplement to smoking blends in Ireland and became popular in other European countries.

Being newly designed drug AB-001 hasn’t been studied carefully yet. According to its chemical properties it is similar to A-834. These research chemicals are cannabinoid agonists for CB1 and CB2 receptors. The difference between all mentioned research chemicals is the effect on CB receptors that varies from moderate to very high.

As all cannabinoid family drugs AB-001 is not banned by any Federal Law or Analogue Act. Legal authorities do not control its use. That’s why AB-001 can be easily purchased in our online store. Still its properties should be studied more carefully.

So yea, it’s a weed analogue. This is the kind of thing that gets added as the special ingredient to a variety of incense products. Again, the caveat is that it isn’t for human consumption, but that should come as no surprise that the little blurb is in there. The next thing you’ll notice is the price. I’ve yet to find a sample available in quantities less then 5 grams, and most of them run $30 (or more) per gram. That means that for just a single sample, you’re looking at shelling out at least $120 for just the product. Compound that with the fact that the best experiences are often (so I read, and it seems to apply mostly to the weed analogues) to be had by mixing. So if you want to do that, you’re looking at a second 3 digit price order. THEN you need decent, ACCURATE equipment to handle the stuff. And no, your standard array of kitchen utensils won’t do.

Why? Because the recommended amount for most of the RCs is on the order of a few milligrams. That’s 1000th of a gram. There are 5000 milligrams in that one 5 gram sample bag, and when an appropriate sample is 3-5 milligrams for the average researcher, well, you do the math. This is why accuracy is insanely important, especially with some of the newer, higher potency psychedelia. Even a few extra grains of the stuff can mean the difference between a good experience and your brain melting out of your ears. And really, this is Science! Why not get some neat lab toys to play with while you’re at it?

So then, once you’ve picked your poison, you have to pay for and get it. Here, the lack of polish and pizzazz becomes entirely forgivable. Payment methods, while somewhat limited, cover most of the spectrum. There are no COD options, but that is because Buzz doesn’t ship from a domestic location. If I had to guess, I’d say China, given that they don’t ship for a few days at the beginning of April in honor of Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day. Just a wild stab.

What they do offer, however, are secure payments via Visa (with the same types of protections we’ve discussed before), payment via a service called Liberty Reserve, which looks like some sort of PayPal type setup that handles Dollars, Euros or even grams of gold if you’re a pirate in need of RCs. Worse case you can always go with a good old fashioned wire transfer from your bank. All relatively secure, all with varying amounts of visibility. Thankfully, however you pay, not only do they ship their products in discrete, plain boxes within 24 hours, but they do something otherwise unheard of in the LH industry: they guarantee that you will get your package.

Yea, you read that right. With the exception of buyers in Australia, Sweden, Russia, and Finland (countries with nutty mail privacy laws) Buzz ships with the promise that if something goes wrong or the package never arrives, they will refund or replace your order. To be fair now, a lot of companies will, with a few emails and a genuine reason, at least work with you on a refund or replacement, however due to what I’m sure is rampant abuse and oceans of people lying about not getting their stuff just so they could get more, the number that do so is dwindling. “All sales final” is rapidly becoming the mantra of the day, so to see someone overtly offering a guarantee that is that far reaching is pretty impressive. Although, for the amount of money I’m going to spend on the stuff, I’d damn well better have some assurance it’s going to get to me. And while I would not ever rely on a single source for this, they also include a decently stocked and updated legal section that lets you search even down to the state level to make sure the stuff you’re ordering is on the up and up. After all, incense or bath salts are one thing, but try explaining what you’re doing with a bunch of baggies full of powder with strange chemical names on them to the mailman…

That is the other consideration: the price. This stuff is NOT cheap. It is an undertaking, to be sure, involving a lot of up front cost and a lot of reading and research even before you ever drop a cent. I’d expect a preliminary order to run about 500 bucks, certainly if you’re going for an incense type product, when it’s all said and done. Granted, that 500 bucks will likely last you a long ass time (remember: 5 grams = 5000 milligrams, and the average sample size is a few milligrams, usually), but it’s still a hefty upfront cost.

And you cannot be stupid. I’m serious. After you read this, if you are seriously considering ordering from these people (which I see no reason not to do) then you need to sit down and ask yourself, very seriously and honestly, if you are smart enough to handle it. Making dumb mistakes like putting zeros in the wrong place is one thing, but you have to realize that a missed decimal or a moved zero can, in some cases, kill you. If you aren’t willing to give this stuff the seriousness and time that it demands, then stick with the prefab stuff.

As for Buzz Wholesale, if you can handle the heat, this kitchen is cooking some serious shit. Cannabanoids? Cake. Amphetamines? No prob. Ketamine? Easy. Meth? Why not. There are sample analogues for almost any experience under the sun, and even a few arrangements that are just so far out there as to be their own ballgame.

For those of you who are capable and competent, Buzz represents the first step into a larger, honestly quite exciting and engrossing world. For everyone else, it’s a collection of strange acronyms and pretty pictures that should be treated as a curiosity that should not be poked too much.


About legalhighproviders

I'm a 20-something journalist appalled by the silliness of our country and it's laws. We persecute people for plants. So, ever the fan of better living through chemistry, I'm starting this blog so that my peers, friends, and the general internet can find reliable alternatives.

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  1. eLaTed_dYspHoRia

    Wow….. That was the biggest add I ever read…. I thought it was a review…. So I ask… What did you order..? Did you receive it.? How long did it take..? Was it good? How was their customer service…? It didn’t sound like you reviewed anything at all…. Maybe I just missed that paragraph….

    • Indeed. Fair points. While I can see where it may read a bit ad-ish, but mostly what you’re seeing is just utter astonishment at what I was seeing. And not having a spare 200 bucks lying about, it will be a bit before I can give them a personal whirl.

      Distilling what I was able to find online about this company (once you remove the ones that are obvious shills linking directly to the website) you find about a 70-30 success rate. Of the 30% that seem to express displeasure, it seems more than a few are the type whom my warnings should have reached, people who ordered not understanding what it was they were doing and were displeased with what they got, not understanding what it was.

      So yes, a bit less of a review and me pointing and staring and in wonder. It’s a bit outside my expertise at the moment as well. Sure, I could figure it out given the time and inclination, but I’m not particularly inclined nor do I have the time right now. People for whom this is intended will be able to look at this and take the next step, and more power to them.

      Have you had an experience with this particular vendor? Do you have one you would recommend in lieu of?

      • eLaTed_dYspHoRia

        Yes I have used them.. And even thou I think theres somthing SALTY going on between them amhico and aroma shop, I must say they did good by me. Products appeared to be as represented… Customer service was good, questions were answered within 24hrs. purchasing process was simple. They emailed a tracking # and if my memory serves me correct I think it only took 4 days to reach the east cost …. Like you said the website is kind lacking the pizazz of other vendors… But I kinda find there simple direct approach quite refreshing.. I’m getting ready to make a purchase with another vendor

      • Perhaps. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised, if for no other reason than a lot of the vendors get their raw materials from this or similar companies, mostly these guys I’m sure, and for the reasons stated above. The pre-made blends on this site for example, Bloom and Bliss and such, are mainstays of most of the low end, fly by night, slap dash storefronts you see. I’ll be revisiting Am-Hi-Co on Tuesday however.

        Keep me posted on your exploits. Another pair of eyes is always a good thing to have around.

  2. http://www.legaldrugreviews.com – my experience after reading your post on the aforementioned site..

    Hathroy Apr 9, 2012 04:34 PM
    Had always been curious about this site and after the review took the plunge… $460 = a-PVP (5g); Pentedrone (5g); and 4-MEC (5g). Shipped within 24 hours from China with several tracking options. Now to scour the web for proper controlled lab testing dosages. Fill you in upon arrival…..

    Hathroy Apr 10, 2012 07:33 AM
    I’ll come back with a detailed review of the buying process and of each RC. History – well two years ago I began setting aside between $300-400 dollars a month for online legal highs. I’m not sure what this says about me, but I’ve tried every product reviewed on this site and have used over 40 different vendors. Any questions…feel free to ask. HARM REDUCTION is everything folks… Better life thru responsible, cautious use keeps me going at 54! And there is nothing better than to take extended breaks, I usually abstain for a week a month, to clear your head and palate! It’s the uninformed individuals and reckless behavior making these discoveries disappear under statutory laws. Be safe, smart, and don’t draw attention to yourself. The Feds are looking for reasons to bust, don’t give them any.

    Hathroy Apr 13, 2012 09:39 AM
    Update: Buzz Wholesale order arrived Express Mail to the East Coast from China in 5 days! The actual product comes in Moby Shine bags numbered with corresponding email key. (i.e. 1. a-PVP, 2. Pentedrone, ..) NOT in the package itself! So save the email or write it down. You need to know exactly what you are dealing with at all times.

    Return with product quality reviews soon…..

    Hathroy Apr 13, 2012 11:59 AM
    Quality – A+

    More details to come. Just deleted all other vendor’s bookmarks. For the EXPERIENCED, this is the only way to go! Couple orders a year and you are good. No more bullshit scam vendor fly by night bullshit. And this screen fixer is going to go a long way. I could polish every shiny goddamn thing in an Apple store for months with this order!

    These three: a-PVP, Pentedrone, 4-MEC all seem to carry a lighter, but still well into the intensity level nothing else has come close to since the OG days of The Big Peev and I. Wave…. Which now have fallen into the crack and heroin class of Scheduled Narcotics.

    And so… 10-30mg build up on each chem. They are all good quality, clean products. I’ve tried them all and nothing comes as close, but not quite, to MDPV levels as these three inde[pendently, or together. And the nice, or scary part if you dove into a purchase without hours of research first, you control the dose, variation, duration, and you know what it is. I literally could have saved thousands if years ago I would have gave Buzz a shot.

    Don’t know what else to say, heading over to make another purchase and be set, literally for around $600, for over 6 months… Doesn’t seem that outrageous anymore, does it?

    Be safe, enjoy, and let’s keep it on the down low. The Q-T…….

  3. Buzz wholesale just trips me out. I have always thought they were a scam, but if what has been said is true I may give them a chance. A long time ago I was looking to start up a online novelty store and contacted them for samples of their solid resin smoke. They actually sent the sample like two months after I requested them certified mail. The problem with them is they were not labeled properly and they were subpar at best. I figured they were a waste of time and ditched the idea of running an online store due to the possible legalities.
    I’m glad someone discussed them finally in an actual positive light.

    • Indeed. There is certainly a learning curve with Buzz. A lot of cloak and dagger and such, but worth it if you can find your way through the labyrinth.

    • I have been doing thousands of dollars with this site. These people are legit and far from inexperienced with this market. Products have been superb. One of my customers had complained of a product I purchased and that it was not up to standard. I emailed with a complaint and was answered in 48 hours. Come to find out the product was sent out for testing to find the

  4. We are updating our online system. So it will be more stable and convenient platform!We will get back to you soon!
    been getting this messege for 3 days….been thinkin about trying them…but seems to be down for now.

  5. I’m starting to think these guys ripped me off. They’ve been down for more than three days, no estimation as to when they’ll be back and running and I haven’t received a response back to any of the emails I’ve sent. I placed an order the day before they went down (figures…) and although I got a tracking number, it doesn’t appear to be valid. I’ll wait (don’t have much choice, do I?) but I would stay away from this vendor if they ever do get back online.

  6. I have used buzz on several occassions for am-2201. They are def legit and have quality products. The site has been down for a few days and I have no clue when they will be up again. Does anyone know of other trusted vendors to use in the meantime? I am looking for DOC and 25i-NBOME.

  7. have they closed? the website is flagged as a security risk when i go to it… and when i added it i came upon a bunch of greek, hebrew, arabic, russian? characters… i hope they aren’t gone…

    • I get the security warning too. Then again, I get it when I visit the Steam forums. That being said, the text you get is in Russian and translates (roughly) as follows:

      “Account is locked or inactive. Please contact our tech. Support support@mchost.ru Sincerely, hosting McHost.Ru”

      Looks like someone forgot to pay the bill….or worse.

  8. I have used buzz-wholesale.com about 15 times if you want to know anything respond, I have a question though? Do you know another sight you could e-mail me the adress too?

  9. Thought I would stop by and give an update on my order from Buzz, the one I placed the day before it went down. I did end up receiving it some time after my post, so it must have gone out the door before their site went down. The tracking number they sent me was incorrect (the last digit was a 3, they had it down as a 2), thus the reason I couldn’t track it.

    No word on what happened with them. I tried to make contact with no success. On the plus side, I got my order, and I’m satisfied with it but kind of feel like that was a close one. At least it’s somewhat encouraging to folks who bought from them before they poofed, you *may* still get your items.

  10. RobbyBrockler

    Ok, hoping I can get some help on this forum…..I have been using buzz for over a year and have done several thousands of dollars in business with them…it appears as though the site is gone forever which worries me. But my question to you guys is, does anyone know of other sites that deliver to the US with similar products and prices as buzz? Please help.

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